Reliable power at maximum efficiency

VAN DER LEE Turbo Systems offers support from design and development of new diesel powertrain and assisting manufacturers in turbocharger set-ups to upgrading any existing diesel engine with a mid-life upgrade. Mandatory emission limits have been less demanding for non road going (off highway) vehicles than some automotive sectors nevertheless turbo technology developments have not been on a halt for this sector in the past decade. The choice for the right Turbo System is critical to the performance of your diesel powertrain.

We design no-compromise turbo systems for non road going diesel powered vehicles as they often operate under the most extreme conditions for an extensive period of time. Off-highway Vehicles active in various arenas worldwide must be able to operate in extreme heat, cold, sandy and/or dusty conditions.

Some of our clients even require Turbo Systems that are able to operate in extreme environments like highly acid- and corrosive environments like sulphur- and salt mines or environments with exposure to combustion-able substances. Safety, durability and service life are of the utmost importance for our clients. VAN DER LEE Turbo Systems offers solutions that enhance reliability, reduce diesel consumption and improve overall performance in every operating arena.

Enhanced Turbocharger technology

helps fuel efficiency, reliability and

significantly reduce emissions